Thursday, March 02, 2006

Live Allegory! Live Allegory! Live Allegory!

One of Brooklyn's principal charms is the preponderance of Living Allegories, people who in their outstanding eccentricity, weirdness, dilapidation, etc. rise to the status of transcendental signifiers! Today, under the influence of teaching Dante this semester, I dream of an encyclopedia of these allegories, a massive gothic database of images and glosses in which Brooklyn's distorted glory can shine through in all of its conceptual splendor, where the Forms of Brooklyn are brought within human grasp. But for now, I am contented with the memory of a Living Allegory I saw a few months ago on the way to school:

A fat sweaty man
In a dark blue suit
Holding a stack of books
In one hand
His other
Holding up his pants!

1 comment:

Sean said...

You know, other than the suit part, you could very well be describing me.

What do I symbolize? I wonder.