Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Algorithmic Latin Philosophy of Time

I. Tempus Fugit.
II. Carpe Diem.
III. Festina Lente.
IV. Vide I.


Anonymous said...

"Spoke" with Simone Weil, she's a bit down - something like 6 feet. But, hey, her spirits are up.

She said she's getting very much into the "rapping" scene. Not the music variety, but the seance variety.

She is still curious about becoming a fool, though she's always had this "burning, burning, burning" on the inside to become one, (but now I suspect that "burning" sensation is coming from the outside, and she "Hades' to be there.)

Foolish enough?

Hector Berlioz
(aka: Bill V)

Anonymous said...

Simone Weil wishes everyone a "theoretical" Happy New Year. Of course she wasn't able to be with us in the "here and now" when we rang in the New Year, but she was, however, with us in spirit.

She's quite convinced, incidentally, that 2008 will be quite similar to 1883, with the possible exception that horses will replace the automobile.
She gave no reason, but later claimed multiple visions of an inordinate number of donkeys, one of whom was wearing the "ruby slippers," rummaging in the Wall Street area. She loaded up on oil stocks, and ate several fast-food hamburgers. She commented on how alike they were.
She's feeling a bit better now.

Hector Berlioz
(aka: Bill V.)