Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Picture with Caption

See the absolute obscenity of the person who pretends
To have solved the riddle of what he is.

A friend sent this image today. A wise choice. Here's my interpretation: The picture fulfills the caption as a window onto the link between gigantism and self-ignorance. Tomazooma, "the totem who walks," embodies the living death state of a tryant self who, totally externalized (note gaping black hole of mouth, signifying inner void), is blinded to the mystery of his own selfhood. The comedy is that Tomazooma is more than a totem who walks, he also possesses speech, and thus a "soul," yet he experiences his speaking self as another, "so speaks Tomazooma!" To such a totally reified, self-blind being, the only tolerable life is sleep (cf. Nile's "Sarcophagus") in which the external is repossessed by the inner depth. Otherwise it's kill, kill, kill one's creators, in order to erase the ever-present question, "who am I?"

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Caption Without a Picture (an invitation)

See the absolute obscenity
Of the person who pretends
To have solved the riddle
Of what he is.

If anyone has a picture or drawing that would fufill the meaning of this caption, send it to me and I'll post it.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Peasant (song lyrics)

Plower of the field,
Slave of nobility,
Man-tool trapped in toil,
Sweating deformity.
Peasant! Peasant! Peasant! Peasant!

Baseborn son of Ham,
Ancient beast of burden,
Pagan subhuman,
Beware his evil eye.
Peasant! Peasant! Peasant! Peasant!

Salt of the earth,
Manual creator,
Pillar of the world,
Essential agency.
Peasant! Peasant! Peasant! Peasant!