Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Chasm of the Real

There are miles and miles and miles below us
And all around no one knows us.
Can work or talk or time slow us
Into the chasm of the real?

See the sea-deep darkness that confounds us,
Clouds ever folding around us,
And black knotted cords that bound us
Into the chasm of the real.

The big world that seems sprouted between us
Is not big enough to mean us.
Where is the place to have seen us
Into the chasm of the real?

It is breaking my bones to delay us
And laughter laughing to play us.
How easy and hard to stay us
Over the chasm of the real!

Hype is dying in the dark above us
With all other words not of us.
Only love is left to love us
In the chasm of the real.