Saturday, March 17, 2007

Think Again

"The only thing I can really say with confidence at at is that I think we're on the verge -- and again, the timescale is very indefinite here -- but Western Civilization is on the verge of collectively realising that the number system is something very different from what it had previously thought it to be. I haven't got a particular theory about what it is, I just know it isn't what we think it is" (Matthew Watkins, "Prime Evolution: Interview with Matthew Watkins," Collapse: Philosophpical Research and Development 1(2007):188).

More inexplicability explained here.


Matthew Watkins said...

That's quite funny, seeing myself quoted like that (between Sir Gawain and Black Sabbath too, cool...).

If you like Sunn O))), you might like my improv collective too:

love the blog!
m a t t h e w

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Cool music. I hear the music of the primes!