Saturday, July 21, 2007

From Where Have I Returned?

From where have I returned? There is no telling
Between this morning’s brightness
And the utter, the outer darkness.

The separateness of beings? I cannot stand
This bystanding, our boredwalking over
The opening, the happening of our passing.

Deep emotions, desperate thoughts? I’ve got them
Cornered, spear-weary bristling boars,
And tired of not saying it, I’m all cut up.

Self talking to self? No wonder people
Turn respectable, shutting chatter like
From where have I returned?


IndieFaith said...

Thanks for stopping by. It seems you have some interest in transcendence and the "spaces between us" as well. Life is full and its amazing what you can find.

Is your picture the Thick Darkness on Sinai?

Nicola Masciandaro said...

I hadn't thought of the darkness on Sinai but I am a big fan of the The Cloud of Unknowing and am currently working on a project about 'apophatic humanism' so yes. But more specifically I have always loved the way a cloud attaches to mountain peak, stationary but in motion, fading away and coming to be at the same time, which I think is a pretty good image, sort of Heraclitian, for thought, and the present, and consciousness as something _near_ the world, distinct from but attached to it, etc.