Monday, April 21, 2008

There is nothing like the sweetness of loving you

There is nothing like the sweetness of loving you,
Of being in this eccentric center with you.

The pale fear of ever forgetting how: a mask,
Only a light inside my face for seeing you.

A cosmic fortress of love, with stones of presence,
Mortar of absence, is building this knowing you.

Verse is a slow suicide of goodness, ethics
And aesthetics killing each other over you.

A tiny displacement, a light touch, is enough
To bring my being to the very place of you.

Dead under weight of infinite nowhere, here, now,
For endless opportunity to, I thank you.

Nicola has no reason for talking like this,
But it is not for nothing that he speaks to you.

1 comment:

Eileen Joy said...

I'm speechless. Remember how we joked our being was together, even now, somewhere else? I feel it again.