Monday, May 12, 2008

Walking corpse hallucinating it is alive

Walking corpse hallucinating it is alive.
So silly what we think we are who are alive.

If, when an ego-driver doors you heedlessly
Shout rotting flesh! Be boisterous, surreal, alive.

Angela’s scream at Assisi is still being heard.
Her lungs decayed, but the life totally alive.

Moving the mind-dial reveals zombie multitudes.
You tune out all who know not they are not alive.

About to enter body, says a voice before
Waking. Everyday the dead walk and are alive.

It is hard to know what makes the revenant tick.
Gaze empty, mind numb, body sick, and still alive.

Entombed in habit, chained face-down in his own dust,
Nicola feels there is more to being alive.


dan remein said...

the word alive is such a potential trap in this form. but damn, nice work.

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Thanks! See you at Ghazalville, after I get the foundation built. If you can think of any possible NY venues, let me know.