Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My life is looking for new ways to renounce life

My life is looking for new ways to renounce life
And to renounce renunciation of this life.

Nothing happier, harder than finding the seam,
Softly unlacing this space between you and life.

History is thinking the world without oneself
As way of feeling, without, the fact of this life.

Civilization suicides to birth silence,
Hear this ancient cry of the unity of life.

Love, omnipresent unconquerable summit,
Only spot to see this, entrance to truth of life.

Every fold of immemorial matter holds
Endless thisness, individuation of life.

A circumstance needing extra circumspection
Is this demanding gift, Nicola’s little life.


IndieFaith said...

To renounce the renunciation. It seems like hard work, but of course no work can accomplish it!
Thanks for stopping by.

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Hard work indeed, perhaps because it is the easiest!? Work without work, the reverse of Derrida's working on work?

Cf. Kierkegaard's "he must make this movement as quickly as possible so that he is instantly and consciously beyond this struggle."