Friday, November 28, 2008


" . . . ninety-nine percent of human suffering is not necessary. Through obstinate ignorance people inflict suffering upon themselves and their fellowmen, and then, strangely enough, they ask, 'Why should we suffer?' Suffering is generally symbolised by scenes of war: devastated houses, broken and bleeding limbs, the agonies of torture and death; but war does not embody any special suffering. People really suffer all the time. They suffer because they are not satisfied--they want more and more. War is more an outcome of the universal suffering of dissatisfaction than an embodiment of representative suffering" (Discourses, II.170).


anna klosowska said...

la terreur est l'émanation de la vertu

poetkiosk said...

Isn't suffering necessary? Conversely, what is the opposite of suffering? Happiness? Hardly.