Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My life is looking for new ways to renounce life

My life is looking for new ways to renounce life
And to renounce renunciation of this life.

Nothing happier, harder than finding the seam,
Softly unlacing this space between you and life.

History is thinking the world without oneself
As way of feeling, without, the fact of this life.

Civilization suicides to birth silence,
Hear this ancient cry of the unity of life.

Love, omnipresent unconquerable summit,
Only spot to see this, entrance to truth of life.

Every fold of immemorial matter holds
Endless thisness, individuation of life.

A circumstance needing extra circumspection
Is this demanding gift, Nicola’s little life.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My favorite feelings are indescribable

My favorite feelings are indescribable,
Khoral, hopelessly somewhere, indescribable.

Do not say love is not the key to everything
When that key is equally indescribable.

My heart is a cosmopolitan simpleton
Talking truths, suffering moods indescribable.

Like you, I need to discover myself, like now,
Not subsist in aimlessness indescribable.

The world-river is washing away all we write.
Lose complexity, find the indescribable.

Capitalistic public discourse has no place
For our real treasure, tears indescribable.

Now that she thinks about it, Nicola does think,
Unthinkably, only the indescribable.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Frailty of Frailties

"In this world of innumerable frailties, the greatest of all frailties is the common fault of not being able to face, accept and acknowledge one's own weaknesses. This is the frailty of all frailties. It gives rise to hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is said to be the tribute which vice pays to virtue. In contrast with the world of facts man builds out of his inspired imagination another world of ideals. Sometimes he imaginatively transports himself into the world of ideals; sometimes he reverts to his realistic world of facts; and occasionally he tries to bridge the gulf between them by actually and laboriously traversing the path with slow and bleeding steps. The temptation to seize the ideal imaginatively and pose as having realized it is so irresistible that there are very few who do not succumb to it" (Meher Baba, Beams, 50-1).

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Like gently leaning back onto a bench of stone

Like gently leaning back onto a bench of stone
Is this finding, lovely feeling of a new throne.

To sit in the place where everything, anything
Can happen is my desire, a constant drone.

Maybe worry can become butterfly, hanging
Laborless in the near air, not worming the bone.

Probably impossible to keep up this rest,
At least as such. Parasite concept saps the tone.

Real freedom must be in the so-lovely middle,
Unbound by beginning and ending, always home.

The intimacy of this is universal,
Unloseable. Exile is dropping being thrown.

Whatever Nicola’s lies, do not believe, but
Overleap them to where we are never alone.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life, impermanent auto-documentary

Life, impermanent auto-documentary,
Leaping an abyss of duality, scary.

Anywhere for my being here to stand running
The crumbling stone bridge, impossible to tarry?

All points are obviously Archimedean,
But hard to find the right lever and room, very.

Actuality outdeepens all secrets,
Opening into regions more and more airy.

Dangling hopelessly from Bataille’s impudent hook,
I see ecstatically floating by . . . a fairy!

Pondering facticity’s brutalness provides
Sense of heroic burden, something to carry.

Nicola needs to fuss, call all into question,
While way way down inside he is really merry.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Endless journey passing in the flash of an eye

Endless journey passing in the flash of an eye,
Both ship and ocean drowning in tears of my eyes.

Rare poison vapors rise from the smoldering heart,
Condense in cranium, and embalm the sweet eye.

Sickening on too many well-meant meaning-sweets,
Must dare to share more deeply what we see through eyes.

Today’s tornado dream was true apocalypse,
Killing body-houses from the stillness of eye.

Real beauty moves with a terrifying lightness,
As if its seeing is more than seeing with eyes.

Will anyone ever explain how someone works,
Above all, how seeing is seen without an eye?

Crazy questions blur and bind Nicola’s vision,
Cause him to see, not see what comes before his eyes.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

How come think you exempt from evolution?

How come think you exempt from evolution?
Person, nonperipheral, is evolution.

Enter into actuality, start seeing
The real presences produced by evolution.

Science’s we and reincarnation’s I was
Equal one big confusion of evolution.

To dispense with wonder and be wonder itself,
There begins the next journey of evolution.

Anti-humanist mass-murderer I would be
Were it not for the surprise of evolution.

Love, inevitable blood-deep intrinsic need,
Is the ongoing engine of evolution.

I was mineral, vegetable, and animal
Without me. Those were the days of evolution.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Finite is more infinite than infinity

Finite is more infinite than infinity.
See the secret, lovely less of infinity.

That tree being a tree so invisibly veils
The real ramifications of infinity.

Scholars switch between codes of matter and meaning
To evade intersections of infinity.

Neither subjects nor objects, spirits nor machines,
But drop-bubbles in the froth of infinity.

The love of wisdom wrestles with prepositions,
Falling, grasping, staggering towards infinity.

Let us all convert to each other’s religion,
Fill worlds with the heresy of infinity.

What causes Nicola to live without willing
Is not cause, but a little breath: infinity.