Thursday, March 12, 2009

Decapitated, Or Not

(for an upcoming volume edited by Larissa Tracy and Jeff Massey)


anna klosowska said...

This piece is a shiny auric supplement itself--it's byzantine (like a hieratic dance, like a pavane or a ballade) and funny and has so many treasures in it...I have long list of favorites, including ontic aura, the more extreme thingness, shimmering facticity and apparitional blurring, the part on cephalic capital and decollative repetition, adurational ideal, I am almost done...a-martyric ovum...solstitial directionality (a-head)...locative conundrum and acapital center. Decollative meaning! I looved this. Thanks so much for brightening my day.

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Severed head says gleefully: Where would I be without you?