Sunday, May 24, 2009

Your gaze is a speculative reality

Your gaze is a speculative reality,
A gradual from an unknown monastery.

Zerodimensionally, it perforates air,
Opening without opening somewhere very.

Disease me. Be for me as I am your disease,
Sack the City of God with love-dysentery.

Their conference, even on the moon, leaves all unchanged;
Professing, they forget to practice, heresy.

Outside opens from within, making all woman,
Whoring world perfectly like the Virgin Mary.

Inside opens from without, manning everything,
Erecting it as infinite commentary.

Nicola's vision crashes right through the windshield,
Thrown by distracting eyes, a fresh fatality.


anna klosowska said...

I love "disease me"

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Thanks! That line reflects Reza's reminding me of the "pestilential love-saturated communion" in the Good Meal chapter in Cyclonopedia (see facebook postmedieval note): "The descending god seeks to open and be opened, to ravage and be ravaged. Every instance is a sheer devastation. However, to assume that such devastations are directed solely at humanity is pure anthropocentrism and indulgence in victimhood. The City of God will also be sacked" (Cyclonopedia 204).

kvond said...

Your gaze is a speculative reality,
A gradual from an unknown monastery.
Monastic is the
beetle that has crawled from its boz,
keeping its rules ordered
High to the brow, matin
Dividing limb from hour(glass) limb
At the bleaching
Of the darker castle
Above, until Prime.

anna klosowska said...

Nicola is Allah and Kvond is his prophet
I love the beetle's progress
reminds me of the beetle in The Innocents (1961)

kvond said...


I had never heard of The Innocents, but it really looks like something I should see. It was, at source, Wittgenstein's Beetle (and "boz" was "box", but what an interesting word, boz). What would it mean for the beetle that no one but one person can see, to crawl out of the box? Is this not what is ever and continually happening?

Beetles, monastic beetles, everywhere.

kvond said...

p.s. I see that "The Innocents" is available on Neflix instant play, so I'll be watching it soon (!). Thanks for the recommendation/association.