Saturday, June 06, 2009

Phenomenal Black Metal Trinity

"To summarize, we have a real intention whose core is inhabited by a real me and a sensual pine tree.
In addition, there is also a withdrawn real tree (or something that we mistake for one) lying outside the intention, but able to affect it along avenues still unknown.

Finally, the sensual tree never appears in the form of a naked essence, but is always encrusted with various sorts of noise.Elsewhere I have called it 'black noise', to emphasize that it is highly structured, not the sort of formless chaos suggested by the 'white noise' of television and radio.

Black noise initially seems to come in three varieties.
First, the sensual tree has pivotal or essential qualities that must always belong to it under penalty of the intentional agent no longer considering it the same thing.
Second, the tree has accidental features shimmering along its surface from moment to moment, not affecting our identification of it as one and the same.
Finally, the pine tree stands in relation to countless peripheral objects that inhabit the same intention (neighboring trees, mountains, deer, rabbits, clouds of mist)." [1]
My task now is to understand how GH's three kinds of black noise unintentionally unveil (perhaps the only way things can ever really be un-veiled) the tripartite phenomenal essence of Black Metal. Working intuition:

Black Noise 1) Essential qualities belonging to entities under pain of no longer thinking it the same. Such quality is the domain of Occult Black Metal, black metal devoted to the hidden (esoteric, orthodox, kabbalistic, apophatic etc), to accessing what lies outside the intention but still affects it via avenues unknown.

Black Noise 2) Accidental features shimmering along the surface from moment to moment. Such features are the domain of Profane Black Metal (hedonist, punk, heedless), black metal about exposing and mocking life as pure contentlless appearance.

Black Noise 3) Standing in relation to countless peripheral objects. Such standing is the thrown contextual space of Melancholic (black-biled) Black Metal, which all about expressing the deepest and self-dissolving relations between things, the abyssic proximities between and within entities, intimate relation to the non-relatable, the fact that one is etc.

Cf. Augustine's analysis of the word in De Trinitate.

"After" working this out, I will think about how black metal operates on these three noise levels in a manner that dissolves cosmos, as Volahn are doing here, for example.

1. Graham Harman, "Vicarious Causation," Collapse II.


William A. Verdone said...

In "De Trinitate," Augustine indicates that the divinity and co-equality of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are rooted in scripture. Secondly, he suggested that the need for faith be in a divine mediator so redemption can occur, And lastly, he informs us that images of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are interconnected to our quest for knowing the possibility of salvation and spiritual growth. regards to Black Metal, and the three pointed definition of "Black Noise" mentioned within the inquiry above:
Not once are words like "distortion," "cacophony," or the hint of "overwhelming decibel levels" mentioned. Indeed, the trinity of Augustine is used to, in my view, highlight the spiritual essence of pain (Black Noise #1), and affecting avenues of the unknown; and with Noise #2: "Accidental features shimmering along the surface of the water..." -- Augustine's "a need for faith" -- so that we are certain not to sink(?). And lastly, Black Noise #3: expressing the deepest self-dissolving relations between things (making connections?), and Augustine,"salvation and spiritual growth are connected."
Black Metal and St. Augustine...hmmm.

anna klosowska said...

I am totally in love with the idea of an illustrated intro to speculative realism, and this works for me So fine! I especially love the happy girly pine trees dancing over the waves and the spiderly webbed cathedral... thank you, what a lovely post :o)

kvond said...

Does this mean that there is an obscure, ever-retreating, never-to-be-touched, but singular "Black Metal" object, floating out there in the world?

And does this mean that Black Metal is in search of the Sensuous Vicar of Black Metal, the one that can stand inside our heads as an esoteric, heedless, connective black-bile avatar, a veritable Anti-Christos of sound?

Is the "inner word" of Augustine (Gadamer) really a Black Metal correspondent? Or, is Black Metal the Anti-word?