Saturday, September 05, 2009

Glossator One


Anonymous said...

Is there be a print version available?

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Hopefully soon, yes. I am working on it. Best,


Heather Bamford said...

Many congratulations!! I look forward to more and more commentary! Thanks for all your work and ideas.


Nicola Masciandaro said...

Thanks. And I seriously hope that more and more includes a commentary of your own. From the beginning your last post it sounds like your diss already is one.

Actually flirted in grad school with idea of turning in a term paper as gloss on one sentence, each word footnoted etc.

Note that for the Occitan volume Virginie Greene (Harvard) is "glossing one page of a troubadour manuscript, complete with its stains."

Th sky, or rather the void, is the limit!