Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ramon LLull's Sermones contra errores Averrois (translation)

Some exhumed grad school work, a translation of Ramon Llull's Sermones contra errores Averrois. My favorite passage: "Averroes, however, was a sensible and imaginative man, because all of his reasons come through sense and imagination. And therefore what wonder is it if he denied the incarnation? For according to nature it is impossible that infinite being and finite being would be one subject. It is not impossible, however, that the divine principles and their acts, which are able to cause the most unitary, the best, and the greatest effect, cause it, so that the whole universe may be exalted in the ultimate end, so that every and all of the divine principles may be the most unitary [unissima] cause. And therefore, because every divine principle is absolute, what is there that is not an absolute cause that would be able to impede it? Because if there were any such thing, that which is not absolute would impede that which is absolute; which is impossible."

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