Sunday, February 19, 2012



Anonymous said...

Do you think the mystical locale (localization) of the alpine dimension is only partially informative to a contemporary topo mysticism of our world-earth?

I feel that the geophysical voyeur has receded (...) the absolute conquest/hyper-extensive space is no longer the case as to a present earth-territorialization.

The eye, the hand, to any limb, in this sort of metaphysical militancy can no longer perceive or dwell in the light of man standing above the alpine/world/nation-state.

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Yes. Yet climbing/ascent continues in myriad corporeal and psychic forms. Mountain is no longer limited to the earth (and never was). Here I see an important 'post-militant' correlation between bouldering and consciousness's wrestling with the cosmic abyss, the struggle of living in a cosmos that impossibilizes conquest.

Anonymous said...

What of a post-militancy in ontology which impossibilizes the stability of classico-geophysical regimes?

Perhaps the cosmic subject as a sort of metaphysical "guerilla" has encountered a saddle, ridge, and or spur which requires motion beyond the ascent?

That which has scaled/stood before the great cosmic wall/quantum frontier has forged geophysical paths (...) which will require an anthrpomorphism over its analytic components; anlysis situs as condemmed eternal proposition.

Thus far we have descended too far into the incorporeal contours of eternal labour. When we have yet to ascend/climb the corporeal contours in the night's abyss and to the peak's toll and waver of the drone.

Are we capable of providing a topographical vangaurd? A cosmic pact whose secrecy is our immanence? Or is humanity's trangression and its dialectical resistance one in the same dual-corpse?

Earths nth revival to a microcosmic magnitude of a lost exponent?