Friday, November 30, 2012

The Impossible is Inevitable

1. The impossible is inevitable.

2. Everywhere the one thing that must be done is endlessly avoided.

3. You do it all day long, name life the doing of it.

4. I love how proper it is to address you in the second person, in the voice of the assassinated—et tu?

5. What on earth has swallowed us? The evidence is overwhelming.

6. But how can I . . . ? This how is wretched suffering.

7. Since the vehicle runs perfectly without gasoline, civilization is built around the need to fill up the nonexistent tank.

8. There is no alienation, and still you manage never to be natural, not for a moment.

9. A real rain coming to wash all the scum off the streets is tears—the second they stop being cried.

10. Eventually nothing will happen. Meanwhile, good luck with the mindless discussion.

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