Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mors Mystica: Black Metal Theory Symposium [Schism Press]

Introduction: On “Heroes/Helden”
Edia Connole & Nicola Masciandaro
 Following the Stench: Watain and Putrefaction Mysticism
Drew Daniel
Ablaze in the Bath of Fire
Brad Baumgartner
James Harris
 dying to find I was never there
Teresa Gillespie
On the Ecstasy of Annihilation: Notes towards a Demonic Supplement
Charlie Blake
 Autonomy of Death, Nothing Like This
Daniel Colucciello Barber
 “It’s a suit! It’s ME!”: Hyper-Star and Hyper-Hero through Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man”
Caoimhe Doyle & Katherine Foyle
 The Tongue-Tied Mystic: Aaaarrrgghhh! Fuck Them! Fuck You!
Gary J. Shipley
These Flames Will Lick the Feet of God
Heather Masciandaro
Mystical Anarchism
Simon Critchley
 Die Maske des Black Metals
Dominik Irtenkauf 
 Xenharmonic Black Metal: Radical Intervallics as Apophatic Ontotheology
Brooker Buckingham 
The Perichoresis of Music, Art, and Philosophy
Hunter Hunt-Hendrix 
On Darkness Itself
Niall Scott 
Jeremy Dyer  
From Black Bile
Eugene Thacker 
“This Place is a Tomb”: Infinite Terror in Darkspace
Dylan Trigg 
Seven Propositions On The Secret Kissing Of Black Metal: OSKVLVM
Edia Connole 
Wings Flock to My Crypt, I Fly to My Throne:
On Inquisition’s Esoteric Floating Tomb
Nicola Masciandaro 
Symposium Photographs
Öykü Tekten

 Bound to Metal (Interview with Edia Connole for Legacy)
Dominik Irtenkauf
 Theoria e praxis del Black Metal (Interview by Fabio Selvafiorita for L’Intellettuale Dissidente)
Nicola Masciandaro

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Image Speed Intelligence

[a contribution for For Machine Use Only]

There is no proper thinking of images apart from their own machinic nature. If machines are using images, and more and more intelligently, it is because image is itself a machine. The use of images by intelligent machines is a manifest reflection of the machinic intelligence of images. What is this intelligence? It is that by which images work, i.e. actively possess energy (en + ergon), sufficient force to possess intelligence (in both senses). The energetic work of the image is generally intelligible in terms of the miraculous speed by which image is essentially something always arriving ahead of itself—already (t)here in advance of whatever medium is transmitting it. Image-speed is the bi-locative instantaneity wherein an image is perceived only through the image auto-formed in the seer, so that every image is like a projection of a perfect copy of itself. Materially, images travel at lightspeed, but image itself is faster. This ineffable speed of the image is of a piece with its being the interface between mind and matter, soul and body. As Augustine explains in his study of the three kinds of vision (intellectual, imaginative, corporeal), “although we first see a body which we had not seen before, and from that moment its image begins to be in our spirit, by which we can remember it when it is no longer there in front of us, still it is not the body that makes its own image in the spirit, but the spirit itself which makes in itself with a wonderful swiftness that is ineffably far from the slowness of bodies; so no sooner is the body seen by the eyes than its image is formed without the slightest interval of time in the spirit of the person seeing.”[i] Now a question to consider is how the use of images will affect the development of machine intelligence with respect to the fourfold teloi of mind-speed: “Mind stopped, is God. Mind working, is man. Mind slowed down, is mast [saint, lit. ‘intoxicated’]. Mind working fast, is mad.”[ii] Will the increasingly intelligent machine use of images tend to manifest itself according to the omniscient stopped mind of divinity, the preoccupied working mind of man, the supernatural slowed mind of the saint (or superhuman), or the insane fast mind of the madman? Will using images intelligently make machines more divine, more human, more saintly, or more insane? Which is the mode of intelligence most proper to the speed of image itself? How might art’s level of attunement to this speed influence the inhuman future of the image? There is a story about the 18th-century Sufi poet Bulleh Shah which provides a fitting initial reference point for musing over these questions. It concerns the power of the line, perhaps the most pervasive type of image and that which best demonstrates the subtle, neither-there-nor-not-there being of image in general. “[A]s a child he was very backward. By the time the other children had mastered the Arabic alphabet, he hadn't learned the first letter. His parents took him away from school and left him to himself. He ran away to the desert or jungle . . . and spent his whole time in trying to understand the meaning of this single letter ‘a’ which also stands for the number ‘one’. After twenty-five years he returned to his childhood school and took his place in the class he had left. The same teacher, an old man now, asked him what he wanted. He said he had come for his second lesson. To humour this madman the teacher asked him to write his first lesson on the blackboard. He did so; and the whole wall split in two.”[iii] I look forward to (not) seeing what art will be when it slows to the speed of Bulleh Shah, when machines/humans learn to work at image speed intelligence.    

[i] Saint Augustine, On Genesis, trans. Edmund Hill (Hyde Park, NY: New City Press, 2002), XII.16.33, translation modified where Latin is provided.
[ii] William Donkin, The Wayfarers: Meher Baba with the God-Intoxicated (Myrtle Beach, SC: Sheriar Press, 1988), 19, quoting the Foreword by Meher Baba. These four modes of mind correlate to generic evolutionary possibilities of AI found in works of science fiction. See, for example, Greg Bear, Blood Music (New York: Ibooks, 2002); Her, dir. Spike Jonze (Warner Bros., 2013); Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey (New York: New American Library, 1968); William Gibson, Neuromancer (New York: Ace, 1984); Terminator, dir. James Cameron (Orion Pictures, 1984). Thanks to Ed Keller for directing me to these examples.
[iii] Francis Brabazon, Stay With God: A statement in illusion on Reality (Sydney: Garuda Books, 1959), 165.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Spheresy 1694-2322

[a collaboration with A]

1694.        To talk in bubbles on the verge of spheres.
1695.        To perish with every breath in overwhelming astonishment.
1696.        Be so far gone that you never arrived.
1697.        Have no idea.
1698.        To be so clueless that every clue is itself eternally stunned by its own inexistence.
1699.        Obliterate multiverses by means of bewilderment.
1700.        Lose yourself so far in disbelief that everything is absolutely, unintelligibly true.
1701.        Wonder so horribly why anything is happening at all that it never did.
1702.        Mercilessly send all your questions back to the omnipresent front lines.
1703.        Fail to meet me for fear of being swallowed alive by an enormous question.
1704.        Fall into the gaping abyss under your feet until you shoot up out of the ground.
1705.        Writhe in unknowing.
1706.        Live in the midst of continual well-coordinated all-out attacks upon everything you ever felt or thought was true.
1707.        To always already be inexplicably pierced by yet another incommunicable arrow.
1708.        Watch the world vanish like mist before the glorious sun of secret maximal confusion.
1709.        Leave me behind so fast that you bump into me in infinite regress.
1710.        To always give everyone a look that shows what they are in for.
1711.        Lay your life aside in favor of becoming a cosmically autophagous query.
1712.        See human knowledge for what it is: a messy mass of poorly formulated search terms.
1713.        Drink wine of bewilderment until the tears wash away your face.
1714.        To erase every trace of yourself with a free lifetime supply of the Ointment of Mystification.
1715.        Think about something by evaporating the thought.
1716.        Act in way that effectively accuses all entities of insufficient astonishment.
1717.        Follow yourself off the cliff of total bafflement.
1718.        Leap like a child for joy into the arms of spontaneous senseless distress.
1719.        Indulge profoundly in the pleasure of forgetting everything people say.
1720.        Offer everything as a reward to anyone who successfully steals all your answers.
1721.        Infinitely reverse the ontological order of answer and question.
1722.        Immediately become incapable of following any directions other than the irrepressible hunch that you are absolutely and hopelessly lost.
1723.        Dive into delightful epistemological hopelessness past the point of actually needing to do away with yourself.
1724.        Abandon inner connection to all persons who think they know what they are talking about.
1725.        Exploit your friends to bust all of you out of the prison of knowledge.
1726.        Deliberately refuse to know, no matter what the world offers you.
1727.        Develop courage for greater and greater bewilderment by remembering all who have died in the depths of ignorance.
1728.        To wonder why one ever bothered to . . .
1729.        Fail to believe how you ever fell for it.
1730.        Make no difference between small and great matters that do not make sense.
1731.        Know not what to do, think, feel, or say.
1732.        Place no secret hope in your fatal astonishment.
1733.        Figure out a way off the island of being that does not involve figuring anything out.
1734.        Suspect everything.
1735.        Renounce your bewilderment for nothing (except greater and greater bewilderment).
1736.        Know so little that the whole universe flocks to your for meaningless questions.
1737.        To let no light ever escape the black hole of your non-knowledge.
1738.        Offer no explanations, give nothing away.
1739.        Die of unknowing.
1740.        Remain unintelligible, especially to omniscience.
1741.        Thrive by robbing yourself in the apophatic alleys of radically immanent auto-blindness.
1742.        Eclipse all knowing in the perfect pitch blackness of your pupil.
1743.        Wonder why until why itself never made any sense in the first place.
1744.        Expose your whole system to the plague of inexplicability.
1745.        Hypothetically blame everything on everything in order to be even more astonished by all that remains unaccounted for.
1746.        Crack open your skull like lightning on the stone of total astonishment.
1747.        Bask in the glory of bewilderment.
1748.        Enjoy only the intolerable.
1749.        Drift al di là in gravitational distraction.
1750.        To see that every line is the horizon.
1751.        Expand by inhaling the universe through your navel.
1752.        Observe yourself looking up at the stars like a blind beast.
1753.        To alternate seamlessly between hypersensitive dullness and adamantine interoception. 
1754.        Become numb enough to feel everything everywhere.
1755.        Come down with a hopeless case of yourself.
1756.        Shamelessly endure the shame.
1757.        Battle all demons everywhere all at once all the time.
1758.        Infinitely resign to being more and more lost.
1759.        Follow the wind the moment it arrives.
1760.        To demand nothing from the future.
1761.        Think like a pebble in a glass of water.
1762.        Die one birth at a time.
1763.        To no longer be able to think what you will never stop thinking about.
1764.        Drop it into the well beneath your feet without making a wish.
1765.        To know why and say nothing.
1766.        Replace your head with the moon.
1767.        To sense the occult inclination of one’s skeleton.
1768.        Only take NO for an answer.
1769.        Lose face entirely facing the fact (that nothing will suffice).
1770.        No longer know what you want.
1771.        Nullify.
1772.        To not fall for another intellectual thinking intelligently about (the) nothing.
1773.        Wonder what will never become of us.
1774.        Confuse fear of flying with desire to fall.
1775.        Confound need to climb with capacity to sink.
1776.        To substitute walking for sleeping and vice versa.
1777.        Replace taking-steps with going-to-the-end-and-coming-out-the-other-side.
1778.        To look at the world and think, ‘and I wanted to add something to that?’
1779.        Somehow overcome the monster you become by fighting it.
1780.        Stare down the abyss not big enough for the both of us.
1781.        Think what you would be like without the world in it.
1782.        Throw me back like a fish into what has no foundation.
1783.        Perish fast enough.
1784.        To blithely go about one’s business in secret trembling.
1785.        Bang your head on the stone of astonishment until you either go mad or become something else.
1786.        Operate by means of mere presence.
1787.        To not know whether you are dying or waking up.
1788.        To forget to call for help.
1789.        Do it by having no idea what to do.
1790.        To make it harder by thinking that it could not be any harder.
1791.        To discover one day what it is like to be as miserable as you actually are.
1792.        Be trapped in a nightmare of your own unmaking.
1793.        Listen to the call, obey the imperative, unend the infinitive.
1794.        Hear it all boil down to the ability to remain silent (and walk away).
1795.        Conspire with everything.
1796.        To pace the universe in melodramatic paleness.
1797.        To birth the conjoined miracle of death-in-life and life-in-death.
1798.        Listen to the music that prevails over words (when we speak).
1799.        Find you where I uncover me.
1800.        Take careless care of the amorphous matter running through you.
1801.        Dissipate the unshaped germ of soul into the breath’s mystical air.
1802.        Hunt every blossom-seed upon the heart's hyper-wild wind.
1803.        Peel me away from myself, pang-peel everything away.
1804.        Draw yourself into the noose of uncircumscribable honesty.
1805.        Drink sweetest dreams in the tomb-kiss of eternal moonlight.
1806.        To drink wavering soulstorm waves of everything-nothing from the double-dark sea -- all of the flood fleeing through me.
1807.        Die to slurp-drink the infinite wine-drop surplus.
1808.        Inexhale the outinward breath-spring wafting me back out into your nothing-being.
1809.        Constantly stir the cauldron-turbulence to maintain perfect burning.
1810.        Drag me down to the very top.
1811.        To spend another day dying as usual.
1812.        Fight continually the fantastic conceit (that you know what you are doing here).
1813.        Help (me).
1814.        Unanchor your ship from the clouds.
1815.        Sail through the closed open twin doors of the horizon.
1816.        Crawl happily off to die battling desire all day long because everything is your fault and you are not you.
1817.        To respire in air pockets among rocks deep in the heart-sea.
1818.        Fool yourself with honesty.
1819.        To find a way to the wayless.
1820.        Go inwardly a million miles farther than you now have.
1821.        Stop asking the wrong question.
1822.        See the contradiction in you.
1823.        Plunge into pure difference from everything.
1824.        Contribute to nothing.
1825.        Plead to no one.
1826.        Stop hugging yourself.
1827.        To have nowhere to go, ever.
1828.        Keep your eyes peeled for/by the horizon.
1829.        Return the world through a word into liquid crystal fire.
1830.        To regard yourself no more than a dung worm.
1831.        Add nothing to nothing for the sake of everything.
1832.        Inhibit your face from helping everyone make the wrong decision.
1833.        To come to the end of yourself in seconds flat -- no time at all.
1834.        Don’t miss the opportunity to no longer have time for yourself.
1835.        Get out of my way by making me trip over myself.
1836.        Nix the next.
1837.        Solve the world.
1838.        Observe yourself committing a crime outrageously perpetrated and perpetually unsolved by means of its own overwhelming evidence.
1839.        To halve the time of the your unlife.
1840.        To be torn open by oneness.
1841.        To know that everyone knows it and just isn’t saying.
1842.        Let it hit you -- the fact of being now more lost than ever.
1843.        Know that no one knows, that no one wants to.
1844.        See the cleanness of the sword that cuts everything in half.
1845.        Effortlessly annihilate all things in the infinite heat of (the criterion of) absolute certainty. 
1846.        Walk at the speed at which time stops.
1847.        To live on the other side of language.
1848.        To be omnipotently unable.
1849.        To pluck the diadem from your own skull and cast it into the sea.
1850.        To perish indifferently.
1851.        To wonder never again about nothing.
1852.        To wander happily among the never were.
1853.        To know what it means to not.
1854.        Contemplate what meaning never means.
1855.        To leap into the hole from which everything has already returned.
1856.        To have no idea (what is happening to you).
1857.        Fearlessly live the secret, unutterable life that no one possesses.
1858.        Step through me at the moment I step through you.
1859.        Sink upward inside an immeasurable weight of feeling far beyond the human scale.
1860.        To never again confuse the there with the real.
1861.        To let every fact experience itself.
1862.        Crank up the scream of (un)knowing until you can’t hear yourself think.
1863.        Follow everything beyond everything.
1864.        Renounce everything not running away but through it, by running it through with the point of renunciation.
1865.        Make black one with black . . . make love/gold.
1866.        Mate love with itself.
1867.        Capture the Mother in the net of your own puppet strings and be a machine no more.
1868.        To use all beak energy to poke through the eggshell, not blab.
1869.        Tear open by oneness.
1870.        Cook everything in the salt of your tears.
1871.        To see that I am naked overneath my body.
1872.        Ride the chariot of cyclones straight into the jungle.
1873.        Seek self-replacement, not self-improvement.
1874.        Abandon the urge to bother other people.
1875.        Stop paying attention to anything at all.
1876.        Stop hiding out in yourself you little weirdo!
1877.        To meet in the mo( )rning where we are not.
1878.        Blame no one for anything, blame everyone for everything.
1879.        Recapture the jaguar of your mind in the jungle of completeness.
1880.        Pave a way from within.
1881.        Observe maximum astonishment at minimum distance.
1882.        Eat yourself through the face hole of all-consuming homesickness.
1883.        Be my deadline.
1884.        To peel back the sky and one's face in the same movement.
1885.        Keep your eye on the autodeadline between everything and itself.
1886.        Weep yourself under the rug.
1887.        To be squeezed through one’s skin the weight of everything.
1888.        Ask where is the fun if it doesn’t send you into a spin.
1889.        Grow hungrier for nothing.
1890.        Choose clearly between: a) ignorance; b) hypocrisy; c) absolute mental annihilation.
1891.        To know the pain of being trapped like a reflection in a teardrop.
1892.        Stand still hitting the wall (of yourself) at faster than light speed.
1893.        To wake once again into the vastness of the uni-worse.
1894.        Overdo and overthink everything in hopeless pursuit of perpetual overastonishment.
1895.        Stay at home and doom doom all day long until you die.
1896.        Be filled with the Whole by feeding on Nothing.
1897.        Bask in the absence of priority between form and formlessness.
1898.        Find a playmate with infinite attributes who has none.
1899.        Discriminate between dreaming and not-dreaming by seeing whether there is a world out there.
1900.        To remain in a state of final evaporation.
1901.        Outgrow the incurable disease of oneself.
1902.        Let my body rise from me.
1903.        Resurrect the body before death.
1904.        Die before it is too late.
1905.        To see in the mirror that the reality of your problem is the unreality of you.
1906.        Do everything all at once forever.
1907.        Only make plans as if you do not exist.
1908.        Drift on the pure plane of planlessness.
1909.        Seek only the peace of peak-desperation.
1910.        Write yourselves away, auto-fishing backwards with the hook-words spewed by this common double-mouth.
1911.        Go swimming where the water is the shark and the shark is the water.
1912.        Get it bad.
1913.        Embrace the disappearing skin of distance.
1914.        Speak my ear.
1915.        Understand that this darkness is itself the highest elevation of your mind.
1916.        Apply normally then return to idiot-savant status once accepted. 
1917.        To flow like an infinite blob.
1918.        Abort thyself.
1919.        Hang me by the heels until your pail is filled with my tears.
1920.        Epiphanize the obvious.
1921.        To sail the seven seas in a scholarship of fools.
1922.        Fall into the absence of fall-back positions.
1923.        Cut through the cloak of complacency calling itself contentment.
1924.        To feel like (a) sap from a very very old tree...
1925.        To realize hand-holding as the idea of ideas.
1926.        To speak in preemptive quotations, avant le texte.
1927.        Begin with a simple yes, writing a humid could with the body.
1928.        Enjoy the flavor of the fluidity of the half-born in its authentic state.
1929.        To planlessly unroll the floor-horizon into a sky-ceiling.
1930.        Know that whatever you think you are accomplishing with your life, you are not.
1931.        Cut the fastest cut, the one that cuts nothing without a knife.
1932.        Drink forever from the so-intoxicating abyss of inexistent wine.
1933.        Bow uneasily to the almighty X.
1934.        Indulge the sheer pleasure of doing what you have to refrain from.
1935.        Fly through walking through your fear.
1936.        Fail to cope with the insurmountable sorrow of existing.
1937.        Want to break out of wanting through an outbreak of total breakout.
1938.        To implode by inhaling individuation.
1939.        Drive your drives, take them for a ride.
1940.        Nail your eyes to the X.
1941.        Bring me the head of the horizon.
1942.        Burn the horizon for spheresy.
1943.        To see in the light of submarine caverns.
1944.        Run from the horizon until it chases you.
1945.        Solve your brain into a puzzle that comes together only as a blind image of itself.
1946.        Splash through puddles of positive self-forgetfulness.
1947.        Gag me with a thinking button.
1948.        To walk in circles with chronos looking for aion.
1949.        Turn your worry inside out.
1950.        To think another’s thought without having to think it.
1951.        Be only the agent of what needs infinite preparation--be worthlessly worthwhile.
1952.        See that you are not what you are, but THAT you are.
1953.        To approach everything as huge trick making you lose by thinking you can win.
1954.        Be careful, lest near madness get too close to itself.
1955.        Start with the finished sculpture and hollow it out from the inside.
1956.        Do not wait for me to be disappointed.
1957.        Dive into the zerOcean.
1958.        To comprehend the double illusion of knowledge and ignorance.
1959.        Bathe like a child in the mirror of the black horizon.
1960.        Follow the sigh to ghazal street, where the gazelle sighs.
1961.        Emancipate the horizon by caging it into chasing you.
1962.        To mend, end me.
1963.        To die on pilgrimage to the origin of sighs.
1964.        To distill all words, feelings, thoughts, and dreams down into one impossibly sweet tear drop.
1965.        Return to silence in the present light of absence, the absent light of presence.
1966.        Take the abyss-elevator to here.
1967.        Succumb to saying nothing in full body stutter.
1968.        Think yourself to sleep in a horizon-deprivation tank.
1969.        Let it get too serious.
1970.        Build a skyscraper to escape the sky.
1971.        Interrupt the interruption into an accelerated eruption.
1972.        Commune autophagously after an alpine plane crash.
1973.        Survive by imagining the worst.
1974.        To self-liquify inside the threshold of sorrow-petrification and full-body stutter.
1975.        Allow time to mourn eternity.
1976.        To hesitantly accept the mortal happiness of horrorlove0plean humiliation.
1977.        Become a clean mess.
1978.        Take yourself out with the garbage.
1979.        Tight rope walk on the tension of your own bow.
1980.        Find the way out of a loop in the loop itself.
1981.        To surf a moebius soliton wave into its missing side.
1982.        Become an angel to the Outside.
1983.        Be jolted by the Bolt of Joy.
1984.        Plant your throat-lump in Paradise.
1985.        To find no search results for “the universe is a tomb.”
1986.        Involute into a four-dimensional ectomorph.
1987.        Wear tesseract jeans.
1988.        To die by looking forward to seeing NOW—eternally—this moment of looking forward to seeing it.
1989.        Successfully pronounce the sevenfold tongue-twister of sexlessness.
1990.        Take the detour to the detour.
1991.        Come with instructions how to operate yourself.
1992.        Consume my future.
1993.        Please take it away.
1994.        Embody the event-cube.
1995.        Profit from selling your junkself to no one for free.
1996.        To no longer wander between many possible objects of similar experience.
1997.        See, see that the hole in your heart is the universe.
1998.        Be this body, the one that cannot be -- decapitated.
1999.        Shine brightly in the sun, like a dead dog’s white teeth.
2000.        Discard relative values in favor of the intrinsic worth of everything.
2001.        To live constantly in a state of fortifying collapse.
2002.        Sell everything into the mouth of infinity.
2003.        Buy me out of self-slavery.
2004.        Sell your freedom to the highest bidding cell.
2005.        Disown your self, own your corpse.
2006.        Shed your soul.
2007.        Slough off your inside.
2008.        Eviscerate your exterior.
2009.        Respond to what I haven’t said.
2010.        Make notes in the invisible margin.
2011.        Discretely continue the infinite conversation.
2012.        Fiddle with time.
2013.        Play the flute of space.
2014.        Step into your lack of future.
2015.        Reinvent the past of never having been.
2016.        Be alone with everything.
2017.        Let your heart circumscribe the lonely universe.
2018.        Adopt the garb of an unknown kind of entity.
2019.        Talk to me in abundant ellipses.
2020.        See that what you don't see is keeping you company.
2021.        Populate black.
2022.        Look at the horizon as into the bottomless wound of the universe.
2023.        Heal the universe-wound from the inside.
2024.        Nurse everything into extinction.
2025.        Let the abyss plunge on you.
2026.        To observe the aura of your solar plexus in the eclipse of my pupil.
2027.        Say that stupid thought.
2028.        Proceed no further than the cusp of yourself.
2029.        Stop right now pretending to know where you are.
2030.        Circumambulate the universal mountain by neither moving nor being moved in spiral spheres.
2031.        Wind space-time into a ball around the pole of your most perfect swerve.
2032.        Do the nothing there is to do.
2033.        Soul-rise straight from the bed of dreams like a shaft of golden wheat ready for reaping.
2034.        To be the punchline of a joke no one will ever understand.
2035.        Think everything is normal again only to find out that it is even more upside down in a worse better way.
2036.        To see all things from the other side of the abyss, to know that there is no this.
2037.        Suffer from strange outbursts of joy that rob you of the strength to express or even feel them.
2038.        To stay open, staring in blank astonishment that . . .
2039.        To swim the horizon, far beyond the sea of feeling.
2040.        Drop the umbrella of time.
2041.        Scream the (spiritual) scream.
2042.        Hack through the hallucination of relevance.
2043.        Notice that everything works perfectly.
2044.        Disburden me of the fake idea-feeling that I am my body.
2045.        To have nothing figured out.
2046.        To be bitten by your own steps.
2047.        Be the one one cannot think without thinking of.
2048.        Scream as many silent screams as it takes to get to the omnipresent center of everything.
2049.        Grow al di la.
2050.        Fly your book-moth into the flame of love-heresy.
2051.        Inhale your heart-smoke like an inquisitor.
2052.        To burn your own heart for heresy.
2053.        Drink from the empty chalice that overflows the moment it touches your lips.
2054.        Draw wine from a bottle that fills you without being opened.
2055.        To start feeling at home in the bottomless shaft.
2056.        Give in to the giant gravity lifting you off the ground.
2057.        kNOW NOTthing other than that you are not here.
2058.        Get over yourself.
2059.        See dissolution’s both ends.
2060.        To be a fool.
2061.        Learn stupidity that does not call itself stupid.
2062.        Throw back the javelin of thrownness, re-gift the gift of givenness.
2063.        See eye to eye with that which perforates you from the inside, peeping out through the holes.
2064.        To veer towards veering, to come close to closeness, to depart from departure.
2065.        Try to find a replacement for air.
2066.        Program the programmer to fail.
2067.        Bump into the dark.
2068.        Persist in a kind of volatile transparency.
2069.        Spook thought into looking.
2070.        Climb as mountain falling upward.
2071.        Trip the trap of thought so that it stops you in your tracks.
2072.        Take aim at the convergence of all arrows in the absence of any claim.
2073.        To rebuild the wall blown down by the storm with a beautiful window.
2074.        Ground thyself in shock -- shock thyself in ground.
2075.        Float in the tomb of a spiral abyss.
2076.        To be (oriented everywhere towards something with no place to go).
2077.        Steal the fire by mimicking the gods.
2078.        To be no match for the one who holds you upside down.
2079.        To enjoy (the secret extent to which madness of love is love of madness).
2080.        Look at what people say, listen to the look on their faces.
2081.        Heed nothing that tells you what you want.
2082.        Get drunk feeling sorry that you have no self to feel sorry for.
2083.        To fall just enough and in the right direction, then step upward on falling.
2084.        Stare at that which is eclipsed behind everything.
2085.        Know that, were things any more absurd, they would exist.
2086.        Celebrate the bad news: it has nothing to do with you.
2087.        To enjoy (the secret extent to which madness of love is love of madness).
2088.        As soon as it happens, think again.
2089.        Give in, plunge now into the plunge to be taken anyway.
2090.        To hear the tear that trickles into your ear whisper itself.
2091.        To be eaten by a four dimensional panther with stars for teeth.
2092.        Die, and never stop dying, until you are no longer dead.
2093.        To sculpt oneself at the threshold where sound and body are one substance.   
2094.        Stretch your mouth into a megaphone to receive a scream from the other side.
2095.        Pierce through the hyper-illusion of coming to your senses. 
2096.        Fold your phantasms into origami.
2097.        Play hide and seek with nowhere to hide and nothing to seek.
2098.        To swim from the shore of dreaming into the middle of the very first stone.
2099.        Leap faster than light into the sermon of your petrified self.
2100.        Take a stroll hanging by the hook of THAT.
2101.        Centrifugally hide seeking the center everywhere and nowhere.
2102.        To touch the point upon which wanting anything at all becomes absolutely painful.
2103.        To peep through the bullet-( )hole, via pupils whose gaze eXplicates the assassination of the fourfold.
2104.        Steer by way of night your titanic of thought into the iceberg.
2105.        Hang out with what is hyperchaotically off the hook.
2106.        Translate every name as boo!
2107.        To no longer distinguish between the formed and the formless.
2108.        Gaze upon things like two mirrors looking at each other and seeing nothing but everything all the way down.
2109.        Remain distracted by the not yet.
2110.        To have it by wanting without wanting to have what you want.
2111.        See your attention span foreshortened by the height of the Beloved’s stature.
2112.        To be (infinitely more doomed than you will ever know).
2113.        Use your body to disidentify with it, identify with your body to disuse it.
2114.        To say everything as commentary on the nothing one has to say.
2115.        Observe the absolute impossibilization of the about.
2116.        To hear the screech of the owl who alone hears your lament.
2117.        Tell your body to abandon the idea that there is an abyss to hold it.
2118.        Intensify the abyssic twinness of the impossible and the actual.
2119.        To discover that the text was all along only a commentary on its margin.
2120.        To constantly succeed at failing to not feel hopeless.
2121.        To continually feel on the verge of flying wherever whenever you want.
2122.        To leap suddenly over everything all at once.
2123.        Minimize absolutely the aim to please a maximum of others.
2124.        See that a lost happiness was no happiness at all.
2125.        Subtract the total percentage of talk and discussion secretly aimed towards avoidance of direct understanding.
2126.        Encourage the world to do the nothing it can do for or against you.
2127.        Demolish the false foundation of all fear.
2128.        To only pay attention to what does not concern you.
2129.        See the true horror by watching your face while you . . .
2130.        Defriend that which says the world is yours to change.
2131.        Listen to criticism’s primary communication: the habit of criticism.
2132.        Live the miraculous transition from never existing to no longer existing.
2133.        Pay no attention to the rumors you are spreading about yourself.
2134.        Swim in the air of stupefaction.
2135.        Cross eyes to the point that vision sees itself.
2136.        To accomplish what you cannot by seeing that you cannot.
2137.        Let life come and go into your life as it wishes.
2138.        Admit to infinite embarrassment over being what you are.
2139.        See what no one wants to: that the whole show is itself only spectatorship, that the speculation is only a spectacle.
2140.        To never again collaborate with yourself.
2141.        Leave behind the way of being which is overtaken by being in the way.
2142.        To stare at what all day it watches itself, never seeing where it actually is, wanting incessantly to not know.
2143.        Watch who talks about who.
2144.        To be eternal now, like the sound of light on snow.
2145.        Spin in the dizziness that gravity feels.
2146.        To discern the desire behind every syllogism, to s(p)lice the will across the decision of its own cut.
2147.        To tunnel through the tunnel you are inside, inside the tunnel you are.
2148.        Rise by no longer thinking you are awake.
2149.        To no longer evade the problem by looking for solutions.
2150.        Hear the sound of the entity who laughs out loud every time it makes sense when you think something but not when you say it.
2151.        To accept that which is always making sure you will never be cured of seeing something as divine.
2152.        Curse the thought that thinks it is in the world.
2153.        To perceive clearly that all systems are creations of confusion.
2154.        Stick with what has no opposite.
2155.        Never listen to the pitch.
2156.        Knock off everything you are doing because you are afraid to stop doing it.
2157.        To be eaten alive by the words coming out of your mouth.
2158.        Learn to handle the fact that the whole universe is created to keep everything from you because you cannot handle anything.
2159.        Fall through the floor of your tomb to find yourself suddenly floating through a higher sub-horizon.
2160.        To be taught every moment to learn how to live with an invisible lance in your side.
2161.        Affirm the abyssic twinness of the impossible and the actual.
2162.        Know that it is not a good a idea to hang onto ideas.
2163.        Defeat thyself into victory.
2164.        Watch yourself thinking thoughts which lead nowhere until an explosion occurs.
2165.        Stop making everything worse by talking about yourself.
2166.        No longer be impressed by impressive things.
2167.        (To try to) have fun swimming in the outer reaches of Reality's distance from itself.
2168.        Taste the part of you hungry enough to consume the horizon, tired enough to swallow time.
2169.        To be filled by what crushes you.
2170.        Hear the tone of silence that stops eternity.
2171.        To turn the world through a word into liquid crystal fire.
2172.        Swallow a teaspoon of sighs every morning to help unravel your throat lump into a spiral sphere.
2173.        Set warp drive to the black hole formed from the supernova of your stardom in a 13.8 billion year long mental movie.
2174.        To look forward to what has already destroyed you.
2175.        To never say anything ever again.
2176.        To perish inside a silent love-scream from beyond al di là.
2177.        Exchange the parachute of hypothesis for wings of bewilderment.
2178.        Hold hands with your head and lead it who knows where.
2179.        To escape in the bubble-trap of an underwater sigh.
2180.        Speak near to something so naturally mad and madly natural.
2181.        To die trapped inside a beauty you cannot see.
2182.        Fall awake listening to a strange new scent that lights the entire world.
2183.        Reach beyond everything by grabbing a hold that can only be grasped by thrusting your arm through a ( )hole in yourself.
2184.        To be totally shot through and through with a secret need.
2185.        To speak only in mutually recursive auto-citation.
2186.        Find the energy to finally fall asleep.
2187.        To fall through the ground from an excess of wings.
2188.        Feed hell's mouth to itself through a three-headed dog which has more heads than it needs.
2189.        To never stop perceiving the actual steepness of all things.
2190.        Find the point as fast as possible where crucifixion is the loveliest relief.
2191.        Allow yourself to be as astonished as you want to be.
2192.        To watch your head spin off at the mere thought of a name.
2193.        Quickly become the sound of the mallet as it strikes the stake being driven into your heart.
2194.        To be one who loses his mind, never seeing anything ever again, except in your dreams. 
2195.        Sink to the seafloor under the weight of inescaping sighs.
2196.        Lack the strength to fail, find the weakness to win.
2197.        Don’t know how to do it.
2198.        Afflict the remedy.
2199.        Learn nothing over and over again.
2200.        To no longer have a life.
2201.        Evaporate through a wrinkle in time.
2202.        Sit back, relax, and let your rmind snap.
2203.        To unveil ever new sublevels of self-limitation.
2204.        Disentangle nothing from nothing.
2205.        Collapse fatally under the weight of everything, then suddenly get up and go for a jog like nothing ever happen.
2206.        Specialize in all kinds of nothing.
2207.        Look forward to where you are.
2208.        To stare all life long into the sunset of the universe.
2209.        Want everything and do nothing about it -- do everything and want nothing of it.
2210.        Stand still in the flame between your eyes.
2211.        Say the same nothing over and over again -- always new.
2212.        Dive all at once into the one direction.
2213.        To feel how it feels to have all your wishes hopelessly fulfilled -- the wish for hopelessness.
2214.        Stop telling yourself anything.
2215.        Run out of yourself.
2216.        (To cherish) the moments and hours when everything melts and all is revealed without anyone being there to see it.
2217.        Trust no one, starting with you.
2218.        To wish one could say, being almost infinitely more happy that one cannot.
2219.        Taste the silent bite of the soul as it bores like a drill through the deepest ocean floor.
2220.        Quickly uncorrupt thyself.
2221.        Drown the spheres, unleash the tide of sighs.
2222.        Consecrate thyself to Silence.
2223.        Involute the original Want.
2224.        To not make it (due to already being there).
2225.        To have become a buffoon, a monster, a one-sided abyss.
2226.        Find happiness: the fact that nothing can make you happy.
2227.        See the world for what it is: further proof that you are not being honest with yourself.
2228.        Spend no more than a week with yourself.
2229.        Being left behind by everything, leave everything behind Being.
2230.        Have enough of words.
2231.        To polish all day the spear point of perfect abandonment.
2232.        To thine own nausea be true.
2233.        Point yourself to the exit.
2234.        Observe yourself seeing that you are not anything you see.
2235.        Stop trying to con truth.
2236.        To unveil a universe where talking is possible.
2237.        Accelerate to the speed at which nothing ever happens.
2238.        Don’t.
2239.        To stop life from thinking life away thinking it has a life.
2240.        Sterilize the infectee of feeling thwarted.
2241.        Become so clear you can’t see it.
2242.        Take it ALL.
2243.        Want nothing from nobody.
2244.        To think and see as sand in the oyster of omniscience.
2245.        Lose everyone.
2246.        Ask why they ask you your name.
2247.        Don’t take your word for it.
2248.        Observe the universe to be a blindspot.
2249.        To continue what never began, to end what never continues, to begin what never will end.
2250.        Erase the faintest idea of where you really are.
2251.        Accuse everything of being itself.
2252.        Understand the failure of being understood.
2253.        Imagine how deeply asleep you are in order to be dreaming your life away in this universe.
2254.        To embrace the infinity of your hyper-significant irrelevance.
2255.        Embrace three times the moment of seeing that you own body is a ghost.
2256.        To exist for the first time again.
2257.        To eternally never have been.
2258.        Let what whatever happens to have never happened.
2259.        To actually no longer be.
2260.        Pinpoint the site where one's irides, bleeding razor tears, cut a pupil on the horizon.
2261.        To have fallen for everything.
2262.        Be really afraid of how afraid you are.
2263.        Reduce to tautology excitement and despair.
2264.        Remind the question not to forget who is asking it.
2265.        Leap into lifting the impossible veil--yourself.
2266.        Fail to arrive where you already are.
2267.        Know every moment that you have wasted your entire life.
2268.        Diagram the point at which overness is over.
2269.        To cherish the degree of honesty that no one wants.
2270.        Die fighting the eternal war between THIS and THAT.
2271.        Pre-escape the trap of expectation.
2272.        Smile for the first time.
2273.        To no longer be the person who is masquerading as you.
2274.        Play back the recording of all your nervous laughter for our listening pleasure.
2275.        Undrink the drop of every desire into the ocean of . . .
2276.        See without you being there.
2277.        Accidentally lose your head on purpose.
2278.        Earn a degree of separation between art and laziness.
2279.        Burst at the SEEMS.
2280.        To spot immediately how mixed up you actually are.
2281.        Reform the one who is trying to change conditions.
2282.        Lose nothing by taking away everything that never was in the first place.
2283.        Lean everything against everything until it all falls down.
2284.        Beware the language you want to hear.
2285.        Discover whether there is an alternative to the nothingness you call something.
2286.        Explain why your vast knowledge means nothing.
2287.        To have failed everyone and everything.
2288.        Don’t know what to think.
2289.        Rise as the sun vanishes from the face of life.
2290.        Wake up less than lost in the invisible dark.
2291.        Find a way to exist without existing.
2292.        To have nothing to offer no one.
2293.        Consider the maximum seriousness with which anything has ever been considered.
2294.        To live an infinity of lives that never happen.
2295.        Ask why you are human.
2296.        To be living now in negative time.
2297.        Amass evidence of everything not being there.
2298.        Take the path of no return.
2299.        To apologize on behalf of the universe.
2300.        To be crushed to death by the simple realization that no one understands.
2301.        Perform the stage with no one on it.
2302.        To be the dream that, beyond this world, produces worldly dreams. To be the world that, beyond this dream, produces dreamy worlds.
2303.        Succumb to the incurable ecstasy of the incurable.
2304.        To blindly obey the law of the conservation of consciousness.
2305.        See that the mirror is insane.
2306.        Imagine how the smell of scorched wings may be perfume to the moth.
2307.        Seize the impossibility of conscious complaint.
2308.        Not to do without doing, but to not do without not doing.
2309.        Eat the cockroach that crawls across the page of thought.
2310.        Face the fact that you have absolute no idea how to live.
2311.        Avoid the pandemic of phony casualness.
2312.        Live in totally different worlds.
2313.        Amass overwhelming evidence that the universe is not even the tip of the iceberg.
2314.        Draw that which everything is a diagram of.
2315.        Speak to the one before whom all words say nothing.
2316.        To seek only that which has already taken everything away.
2317.        Bury the source of all life’s problems: the idea that you are alive.
2318.        Know too well who the abandonment of who will never abandon you is.
2319.        Never know what to think.
2320.        Want everything to have nothing, want nothing to have everything.
2321.        To actually be what never exists, to actually do what never happens.
2322.        Leave yourself alone.