Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Theoria e praxis del Black Metal

Interview with Fabio Selvafiorita at L'Intellettuale Dissidente.

No Sleep Til Death: 24-5 April in NYC

No Sleep Til Death is a spontaneous trinity of black vernal events in NYC, 
Yet another opportunity for what will never survive to wake up, a
Chance to come to the end of yourself in the cruellest month.  

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spheresy 1693 [excerpt the second]

[co-authored with Alina Popa, forthcoming from Schism Press]

1593.            To suspect that 99% of your thoughts are merely self-serving sentimentality.
1594.            Apply all your criticisms to yourself before washing your face.
1595.            Despair at the thought.
1596.            Mournfully console yourself over the joy of having been born.
1597.            Delight in the immaculate conscious misery of missing . . .
1598.            Wake up like a particle of dust in darkspace, walk floating in a tomb.
1599.            Carry your body with you as a disidentification card.
1600.            Be the best at what you do not do.
1601.            Stop pretending not to scream when you see other people.
1602.            Know that you are eternal perfection, infinitesimally discombobulated.
1603.            Drown in floating.
1604.            Defy everything.
1605.            Be at a total loss.
1606.            Once the party is over, throw yourself in the trash.
1607.            Die from surviving too much intensity.
1608.            Tear the sky open with your eyelashes.
1609.            Live the terrifying life that love wants.
1610.            Become such a beautiful monster that your desires run in fear.
1611.            Focus on differences everyone else ignores.
1612.            Study the abyss-tectonics.
1613.            Always doubt the side of the horizon you are on.
1614.            Do more than nothing but less than something.
1615.            Search too far for what is already found.
1616.            Shout the redundance-echo of this world’s inexistence.
1617.            Find out how easy it is for nothing to risk everything.
1618.            Fail to go somewhere because you are already there.
1619.            Wake up by reading what you did not write in a dream.
1620.            Kill yourself with the arrow of exteriority by looking into the mirror.
1621.            Climb ever higher into a strange altitude sickness that is its own cure.
1622.            Reflect yourself away (from you).
1623.            Leap into the imminent spiral fact of IT.
1624.            Read minds like so many cheat sheets.
1625.            Be someone else’s vertigo.
1626.            Hear what people really say, the way a liar says I am lying.
1627.            Roll on the floor with your iso-self.
1628.            Die from the blow before it hits you.
1629.            Cheat by being honest.
1630.            Become hyperflat, capable of draping infinite dimensions.
1631.            Achieve total strength by compensating for a weakness in one area with weakness in all others.
1632.            Jettison every attempt to re-stabilize the self.
1633.            To look up at the sky and think, f*** this!
1634.            Exhaust thyself in derangements of excess desire that improve all problems by exacerbating them.
1635.            Grow sane in the freedom to go mad.
1636.            To become trapped in a reflection to which no harm may come.
1637.            Speak forgetting to not know how to use language.
1638.            Despair for the last time, again.
1639.            Lose as many ‘friends’ as possible by choosing trueness.
1640.            Dwell in a spiral mansion between an impossible polyhedron and the infinite sphere.
1641.            To not fear being far closer than the jugular vein.
1642.            Trip over yourself.
1643.            Study the science of arriving where you already are without not moving.
1644.            Leap from shock to shock to shock by letting each one wake you up.
1645.            Stand forever above this world in unfading childhood and ancient love.
1646.            Carry yourself around in an apparent unreality more real than any world.
1647.            (Im)patiently wait to not recover from irreversible self-healing stabbing.
1648.            Wish for nothing more . . . even nothing at all.
1649.            Run slower than others and faster than yourself.
1650.            To be born spirally every day into full body rokurokubi soulstorm.
1651.            Stay ahead losing the measure of head, playing the acephalic game outside the measure of speed.
1652.            Work at the inhuman pace of a climatological heart whose pair-shadows look blindly at each other through the mad lens of an infinitely clear ocean.
1653.            Trip up dancing like intertwined puppet masters and master puppets intelligently entangled in sigh-threads across the sword bridge to paradise.
1654.            Never starve to death by self-eating live pronoun salad.
1655.            Approach every mirror with proper reverence, as if it were a species of holy sword.  
1656.            To never not cut with the sharpness of an extra dimension.
1657.            Neither speak nor cite, just weave writing around itself in the air.
1658.            To see all things in navel-perspective, from the center into which everything vanishes.
1659.            Wear your body like a mask at a costume ball for pupils.
1660.            Drift and doze on a far away cloud too close to see.
1661.            Swim through food that eats you, plunge into autophagic osmosis.
1662.            Dive furthest into seas of sweet diffusion.
1663.            Bait yourself before the shark of one’s joy.
1664.            Fall ever upward into vertigo of the recursive kiss.
1665.            Fail miserably to properly prepare for the final embarrassment.
1666.            Feed both eater and eaten to the all-devouring meal.
1667.            To feel like Pinhead from Hellraiser.
1668.            To find paradise in a prison sentence, the spiral spheres in a walled garden. 
1669.            Spice up your life by feeding on being eaten.
1670.            Prove the impossible to be inevitable.
1671.            Follow the imperative of the imperative of the imperative . . . all the way down.
1672.            To be abducted by strange rhythms, kidnapped by chora. 
1673.            To be insulated from the prison of self-world correlation by a subtle golden space, an impenetrable amniotic time.
1674.            Hyperventilate at the mere thought of it, trillions of fathoms deep, expiring desiring nothing.
1675.            To stay home with distance as utter saturation of union, an astronomical magnitude of ethereal intimacy.
1676.            Open your mouth and say nothing of what you know because it is too much.
1677.            Scream me so loudly that all my I-drops disappear, hiding in the deepest ocean where you have already lost yourself.
1678.            Tell devoured crumb of me, more myself than I, to carry the seed of you in all directions of the omnipresent scream.
1679.            Create a new pronoun and a new preposition, place them in a new world, then bless them and say, ‘be fruitful and multiply.’
1680.            Swoon invisibly within thyself, black out inside out.
1681.            Let no day pass without impossible unveiling of new non-worlds.
1682.            Die to never stop dying.
1683.            Launch all rockets into universal eclipse.
1684.            Head-spin in hyper-spheres of al di , heart-swim in spiral bliss of nothing-distance.
1685.            To tighten intolerably the torturous intensity of ever-collapsing space-time, each meter exploding into HERE, each tick-tock amplifying NOW.
1686.            Like how reality never stops being too much.
1687.            Drag your unbearable lightness into another day with open arms.
1688.            To feel that anything you do is nothing compared to nothing.
1689.            Meet yourself on the ocean floor.
1690.            To watch reality staging itself.
1691.            Place yourself where the shovel thrusts when reality digs its own tomb.
1692.            Enter the room on which it is written ‘- 1’.
1693.            Rejoice in silent convulsions, always eros-minus-one, subtracting self from self to find the same excess of unbearable 0.

Glossator 9: Pearl

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Berithic Wanderer

[forthcoming in Serial Killing: A Philosophical Anthology, edited by Edia Connole and Gary J. Shipley]

The Berithic Wanderer
Daemonus Monsmoranciensis

The soul I took from you was not even missed
– Black Sabbath, “Lord of this World,” Master of Reality

I. Late Termination
To each person born in time God sends another.
Their job is to murder you and then your mother.

II. Feel Free
No one is what he thinks he is or what he isn’t,
So please kill without care and make it unpleasant.

III. Life without the ‘F’
When a life is taken I am always nearby,
Not beast or man or angel, but their common lie.

IV. Obolus
Murder and victim are two sides of one fate.
This one finds out too early and that one too late.

V. Lodestone
Homicide is a magnet drawing us to hell.
By pulling downwards, it raises itself as well.

VI. Surprise, Surprise
As the noose turns one more sweet face into a mask,
Watch the lack of memory not mean (s)he did not ask.

VII. Who Kills Who
No one kills anybody, they just kill themselves,
Keeping the innocent at twelve-thousand times twelve.

VIII. On Obedience
Be still and know God loves the Devil more than man,
For he alone obeys and executes His plan.

IX. Do the Math
Each murder is one in an infinite series.
Dare not to practice without knowing the theories.

X. Die Young
None would know murder if all listened to the truth:
To die every moment from old age until youth.

XI. From On High
Could my victims see me swooping from high above
They would feel and know I come bearing only love.

XII. Crystal Wound
He longs to cut you open into a clarity
Sharper than the line between time and eternity.

XIII. Tears of Blood
One reason love rips out your heart and blinds your eyes
Is that angels are also demons in disguise.

XIV. Dubito Ergo Sum
A killer always gives his prey a sure way out,
A door to be located and unlocked by doubt.

XV. Time of Death
Sees the one who perceives, who is not too clever,
A rose carved through the skin blossoming forever.

XVI. In Remembrance of Me
To spill blood without drinking it is the real crime,
To waste even one drop of such God-given wine.

XVII. Leaky Vessel  
The purpose of evil is to thicken the plot.
Thus seeps matter each moment from Him Who Is Not.

XVIII. Life-Struck
Soul is in body as place in earth, tree in ground,
Bird in air, air in cloud, and lightning in wound.

XIX. Open and Shut Case
Everyone knows who did those unspeakable things:
The puppet in the mirror who pulls all your strings.

XX. The Swoon
Fall prostrate before the rare longing which robs life
Of itself, whetting the heart’s eye upon its knife.

XXI. The Officers of Insanity
Woe to they who want to police this sad, sick world,
The inmate-guards in all corners of the Earth curled.

XXII. True Gold Mine
Wise choice springs with the whole sphere out of one’s navel,
Stupid ones elect to look as Cain upon Abel.

XXIII. Eye of the Beholder
Evil is simply good to the minimum degree.
But who will understand that? Who wants to see?

XXIV. A Stupendous Fact
To no less love the ones who make the living dead,
Drop the umbrella between the One and your head.

XXV. Unless Spoken To
To think the crime preventable is not absurd.
A witness saw everything—did not say a word.

XXVI. Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans
Everything about the horribly gruesome scene
Shines with numinous absence of something unseen.

XXVII. All That Is Written
To no longer care about this world or the next—
That is the way of living good and evil’s text.

XXVIII. Be With Me Today
Tis a total lie to believe that all shall be well.
Everything outside the NOW of paradise is hell.

XXIX. The Narrow Gate
Suicide is too late, natural death never on time.
The only way out of here is a perfect crime.

XXX. Good Old Days
Not that long ago, before serial killers,
There were hanged peasants, impaled knights, severed martyrs.

XXXI. Cherchez la Tomie
Whatever the solution, whatever the problem,
Always kill the messenger and blame the victim.

XXXII. To Embrace the Inevitable
Grace falls on whoever remembers in sorrow
That sinners of today are saints of tomorrow.

XXXIII. The Seventh Name of That Wherein I Suffer
You will never realize the Truth, in any hour,
Without first loving that which most fears its power.

Monday, March 09, 2015

The Floating Tomb of Black Metal Theory

Immense cosmic visions emerge from the slow intervention of oblivion. 
– Fides Inversa, ‘VII’, Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans

Love like a magnet is, it draws me into God, / And what is greater still, it pulls God into death. 
– Angelus Silesius, The Cherubic Wanderer

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spheresy 1693 [excerpt]

[co-authored with Alina Popa, forthcoming from Schism Press]

Spheresy is a non-ending manual for committing spheresy, a constant collection of imperatives and infinitives to keep you moving in spiral spheres.
To be a spheretic means forever to stay fixed on the spot of fidelity to the unbounded intelligence that moves between intuition and bewilderment.
“The intuitive form of intelligence can be called ‘a dynamic intelligence,’ since it can conceive movement, such as a spherical spiral, which is objectively incomprehensible” (R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz).

Take Spheresy with you everywhere, in order to see where you really are, in order to never return.

  1. Rot the known into the unknown.
  2. Swallow the aphorism only after it becomes a spiral sphere.
  3. (To) never again fail to please the beloved in thought, word, or deed.
  4. Spend not extra for the lifetime guarantee of being malignantly useless.
  5. To draw that which has no image other than itself.
  6. Meditate diurnally on the inexistence of any person worth replacing.
  7. To die listening to yourself saying your own name.  
  8. Constantly increase the chances of being burned on a spiral stake for spheresy.
  9. Take the hidden detour into every line’s electric chair.
  10. To fly to one’s throne on wings of a crypt.
  11. Sense how the devil stares at you through your nostrils.
  12. Measure every statement by the question: is it a spiral sphere?
  13. Bury me in the tomb that reality is digging for itself.
  14. Steal the heart of the thief who is stealing everything from you.
  15. Smile such a smile that all souls in paradise taste your sorrow.
  16. To have no dreams other than this one.
  17. To wake up murdered by the objectivity of the real.
  18. Out-survive the loop of consciousness immortally bit to death by its own tail.
  19. Hear something that sounds like everything listening to itself.
  20. Say something to distract me from seeing that your lips trembled.
  21. To render naked the reason you like to say things.
  22. Stop distinguishing simultaneousness from consecutiveness.
  23. Let absolute time happen to you now.
  24. Spin around your axis until you become discontinuous to yourself.
  25. To have been born beheaded.
  26. Don't be deceived by the tenderness of your thought-virus.
  27. Surrender to your autophagous tics.
  28. Take it anymore.
  29. Listen to nothing that tells you what it has to do.
  30. Evacuate any trace of meaning from your mouth.
  31. Neutralize all punctuation marks.
  32. Let the junk selves take over.
  33. Lick the wounds cut in my flesh by your thoughts.
  34. Make an appointment to stop pretending not to know that it would come to this.
  35. Lower your smile into the well of my eyes.
  36. To funambulate abyss on one’s umbilical cord.
  37. Turn to maximum the volume of the death of things.
  38. Broadcast peak-abyss in real time.
  39. To be nothing more than preemptive auto-laughter at one’s own joke.
  40. Write only what the partiture of silence dictates.
  41. Bring me to sleep with your roaring lullaby.
  42. Hear the silence of thought refusing to think.
  43. Die on the spot by admitting what you already know.
  44. Relax: I got the sly hint without seeing you drop it.
  45. Console thyself that this moment is neither the last nor the next.
  46. Stop giving to everyone the misfortune of being you.
  47. Smash all guillotines in the mirror of beheading.
  48. Decapitate photography with a picture of your severed head.
  49. Burn and consume thyself in unfelt desire.
  50. Feel free to perish by failing to hit the target precisely.
  51. Die trying to annihilate death in life.
  52. Betray sigh-analysis into the contingency you forgot to become.  
  53. To see that you are in more pain than you will ever know.
  54. Use your tongue to invert me into a spiral sphere.
  55. Intoxicate thyself on untasted wine.
  56. Drown in thirst for the true desert.
  57. Wait here until time stops procrastinating.
  58. Find consolation in still missing yourself if you did not exist.
  59. Spell the name your ashes will sigh.
  60. Be too smart to trust your mind’s belief in itself.
  61. Maximize actual impossibility.
  62. Hesitate while giving up your twisted hand in total abandonment.
  63. Pluck thyself into an unpublishable florilegium.
  64. To headlessly escalate the tail-chase into a spiralvore.  
  65. Give thanks to the ocean for swimming us into ourselves.
  66. To leap like salt in the wine-dark sea.
  67. Solely pursue knowledge of stupidity.
  68. To not see through eyes covered by the dust of your logic.
  69. Think that the thought you are thinking has just inhaled its own ashes.
  70. Fill the emptiness inside with the space between thoughts.
  71. Hang from the tip of your breath and see with the spark of your tear how you fall into the lump in your throat.
  72. To taste nothing but the tip of the arrow in your heart.
  73. Consider the possibility that your brain is a stillborn baby.
  74. Permit the imperative to be eaten by itself.
  75. Lose me the way you cannot admit to yourself that you want to.
  76. Secretly embarrass yourself.
  77. Bless the day when this body applauds you for cutting off its head.
  78. To open paradise in the pain of knowing there is nothing you can do.
  79. Play with my head as in floats in the vat of your blood.
  80. To shamelessly bottle your tears in the hope that no one will ever find them.
  81. Constantly repeat what you have never said or done.
  82. Feed your marrow on the absence of a life to lose.
  83. Refuse absolutely to go along with yourself any more.
  84. Remain calm if God wants to be made by you.
  85. Blame everything for this marvelous tendency to fall into mutual trance.
  86. Daydream only to attain reality.
  87. Imprison the correlation in an impenetrable tower of amniotic time.
  88. To impregnate yourself with the birth of pleasure.
  89. Sigh yourself backwards into absolute fear of breathing.
  90. Quake apocalyptically in infinite recursion of floating tombs.
  91. To levitate folly to the very bottom of gravity.
  92. Drown by following your heart to the ocean floor.
  93. See space weep for time, hear time laugh at space.
  94. Pay attention to the Stay Out sign posted everywhere.
  95. Feel free to cling to me if you do not know what else to do.
  96. Practice using the lifesaver’s hole for drowning.
  97. Never want more of what you already are.
  98. Take the path of honesty to self-destruction.
  99. Accept no substitutes for the finitude born from extinction.
  100. Swallow me because I am yours.
  101. Grow confident in all you do not know.